A Rare Look at How Israel’s Special Forces are on the Frontlines of Combatting Global Terror

Since its founding, the nation of Israel has faced the constant threat of terror attacks. Dealing with this often tragic experience has made them a world leader in counter-terrorism.

CBN News got a rare inside Israel’s LOTAR counter-terrorism school, where special forces are training to stop the next terror attack.

Special forces from all over the world go there to train, including the US Delta Force and the Navy SEALS. It’s Israel’s top gun school for counter-terrorism.

“We share, we share our intel,” said Yair Marton, a reservist in Israel’s special forces. “We share a lot of methods. We do whatever we can to stop terror events if it’s in Israel, if it’s in Europe. “

Marton helped establish the training school and now serves as a consultant. He sees Israel at the tip of the spear fighting global terror.

“We are the frontline,” he told CBN News.

Given that responsibility, they constantly train, whether it’s urban warfare, rappelling from a helicopter or dealing with the latest front – underground tunnels. It’s all part of staying one step ahead of the terrorists.

“We are trying to see what they are bringing, so we can always develop and always be updated and not taking anything for granted,” Marton explained.

Just days after Israel’s recent conflict with Hamas, a delegation from this year’s Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast came to see these special forces in action.

“It’s just been amazing, especially just coming behind the conflict that we’ve all experienced and see the dedication and the commitment that the soldiers have,” Dr. Pauline Plummer of the Church of God in Christ told CBN News.

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“I just did not realize the IDF is the front line of the western world from all the other nations that want to destroy our Judeo Christian roots,” attendee Linda Wyatt said. “These young men are laying their lives down.

They’re giving everything they have for their country. But not just for their country, they’re doing it for us.”

Bishop Glenn Plummer led a prayer for these Israeli men and women.

“My prayer, first of all, would be that God would protect them,” he said. “And that there are many people in many countries who are standing with them in prayer, standing with them in our hearts and that finally, they would really be encouraged.”

For Marton, their visit speaks volumes.

“You need to understand how important this visit is for us. It’s a little bit like kids without friends and there is one very good friend, you know. Then he [comes] to visit you and you just want to hug him and talk to him,” he said. “We feel alone, and every true friend is really touching because we are not only fighting for our life, we are fighting for our name, for our reputation.”

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