Amazon added 9 warehouses in New York City during pandemic

Amazon has added at least nine new warehouses in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic as stay-at-home orders forced the company to meet a significantly higher number of online purchases. 

The New York Times reported Thursday that the new warehouses include a more than 1 million square foot building in Queens, which is expected to be Amazon’s largest New York warehouse. 

Amazon now has at least 12 warehouses in five New York City boroughs and has also added more than two dozen warehouses in suburbs surrounding the city, according to the Times. 

In New Jersey and Long Island, Amazon has added 14 new warehouses totaling more than 7 million square feet, the Times reported. 

The expansion comes as the need for warehouses has never been greater with more people relying on online shopping during the pandemic, which has led to significant profits for companies like Amazon as other businesses have undergone financial hardships. 

With limited warehouse space available in the crowded, narrow streets of New York City, Amazon has bought up as many shipping warehouses as possible to meet consumer demand. 

According to the Times, none of Amazon’s largest competitors, including Wal-Mart and Target, have a single warehouse in the city. 

Deborah Bass, an Amazon spokeswoman, told the Times, “We are excited to continue to invest in the state of New York by adding new delivery stations,” adding that the company’s goal is to “become part of the fabric of New York City by embracing the people, the needs, and the spirit of the community.”

The Hill has reached out to Amazon for additional information. 

Amid the expansions, Amazon has also faced scrutiny over its worker conditions, with New York Attorney General (D) filing a lawsuit against the company last month over alleged “flagrant disregard” of workplace safety codes and for allegedly retaliating against employees who spoke out on the working conditions. 

Amazon responded to the legal filing in a statement at the time, arguing that James’s claims did not present “an accurate picture of Amazon’s industry-leading response to the pandemic.”

“We care deeply about the health and safety of our employees, as demonstrated in our filing,” Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel said, according to Reuters.

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