Anonymous Donor Gifts Texas Family $100,000 After Fire Ravages Home

A Texas family of 12 who lost their home to a fire two days before Christmas received an incredibly generous gift from an anonymous donor.

The anonymous donor reached out to KRIV reporter Natalie Hee on the morning of Christmas Eve to help deliver $100,000 to the family.

The donor said the family’s story was touching and wanted to ensure that despite the tragedy they endured, the family could still be able to enjoy a nice Christmas.

Catherine Modlies and her 11 children ranging in age from two to 23 years old were displaced from their home two days before Christmas after a fire started in their garage and destroyed their home.

Although the family was left without a home, everything changed a day later on Christmas Eve.

Hee was in charge of playing Secret Santa after a local businessman called her asking if she could deliver a very special gift to the family while concealing his identity.

“I’ve got a little Christmas gift for you here I was hoping you guys could open it. It’s not going to be the same but it’s a little Christmas tree,” said Hee.

The anonymous donor not only gave them a little Christmas tree, he also put the family in a hotel through next week.

There was also a gift bag with a card that read, “Catherine, Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your family a joyous weekend filled with warmth and love. Enjoy your stay at the hotel. More to come on Monday.”

The donor promised to give $100,000 to the family.

Modlies broke down in tears of joy.

“That is wonderful! That is wonderful! That is the most precious prized gift that is going to help us out so much. And I just want to tell him thank you. Whomever he is, may God continue to keep you, cover you and bless you,” said Modlies.

It is not unheard of for anonymous donors to step in when families are in need.

Last year, an anonymous donor gave $25,000 to a veteran whose home was burglarized.

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