Biden Border Rush Continues: 178K+ Illegals Caught in April. FY21 Total Exceeds All of Last Year by 64 Percent.

Biden Border Rush Continues: 178K+ Illegals Caught in April. FY21 Total Exceeds All of Last Year by 64 Percent.
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The madness at the border with Mexico continued in April, as border agents apprehended almost 179,000 “migrants” who hope the Biden Regime will dump them in the heartland, where they can start feeding at the public trough.

The latest monthly total from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, nearly 1,000-percent more than last April, brings the total for the fiscal year, which began October 1, to almost 750,000.

If illegals keep pouring into the country at that rate, 3,538 per day, the total will reach 1.3 million by September 30, a figure that does not count got-aways, meaning those whom border agents do not apprehend.

The Latest Numbers

The rush to the border, which President Joe Biden encouraged to hasten the dispossession of Americans and cement permanent Democrat power, is mind-boggling. The numbers depict an unprecedented invasion, a Camp of the Saints-style migration that, left unchecked, will overwhelm the country.

April’s figure is 178,622, CBP reported. Added to March’s 173,348, the two-month total is 77 percent of the total for all of fiscal 2020: 458,088. The two-month total is also the equivalent of Anaheim, California’s population.

Last April, agents caught just 17,106. Apprehensions last month, then, were 944.2-percent higher.


More frighteningly, the total thus far for fiscal 2021’s seven months, 749,613, has already exceeded last year’s total by 63.6 percent. For comparison, About 753,000 people live in Seattle, the country’s 18th largest city.

Since October 1, 2017, border agents have apprehended 2.7 million people. That’s nearly equivalent to the population of Puerto Rico.

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As per usual, the largest category of apprehensions were single adults. Agents caught 108,301 who jumped the border and hoped to disappear into the heartland. They stopped another 3,000 inadmissible single adults at ports of entry.

The next-largest category was so-called family units, many of whom are, of course, fakes. That number was 50,016 in both categories.

Agents apprehended a whopping 17,171 “unaccompanied single minors” between and at ports of entry. That brought the two-month total for March and April to 36,131. 

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Why do they come? The message from Biden was clear: Come to America. You won’t be deported. You’ll be fed. You’ll be housed. You’ll be cared for. All at taxpayer expense, even if the taxpayers don’t like it.

No wonder the “migrant” flood shows no signs of stopping.

No More “Illegal Aliens”

Biden began encouraging the rush to the border during his campaign against President Trump. Since Day 1 of the new regime, Biden’s lieutenants have been packing border facilities to the rafters with Latin American “migrants.”

The leftist media would have called those “superspreader” facilities during the campaign, apropos of the China Virus “pandemic.” That aside, in April, Biden offered yet another hint of what he plans for the country’s future.

U.S. immigration agencies no longer use “aliens,” “illegal aliens” or even “assimilation” in referring to illegals because it might offend them. Or those terms might offend the always-offended Biden coalition of fringe groups, the Washington Post reported.

Aliens are now “migrants” or “noncitizens.” Illegal is now, officially, “undocumented.” Nor will illegals any longer be “assimilated.” They will be “integrated.”

Using those terms, Biden said, reinforces the notion that the country is a “nation of immigrants,” a term he ordered U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to put back in its mission statement. 

Wisely, Trump had removed it.

“In an effort to rebuild public trust and reshape our agency’s image, ICE will make efforts to avoid using terminology that might be perceived by others as offensive or otherwise disparaging,” ICE Acting Director Tae Johnson wrote in an e-mail last month.

Johnson, and of course Biden, are apparently unconcerned that their planned invasion offends Americans.

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