Biden Team Launches a Transition Website: Election Update

Despite yet to declare a victory in the race to 270 electoral votes, Joe Biden’s team has launched a transition website to start the process of the famed peaceful transition of power.

The website plays off his “Build Back Better” campaign slogan.

Federal agencies and campaign staff members have for months been quietly planning for a potential presidential transition, but there are limits to how much Biden’s team can do now, while the contest is still undecided.

Thus far, Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11), Nevada (6), and Alaska (3) remain too close to call, according to Newsmax election data.

President Donald Trump would need to sweep all of those states, and he is still trailing in Arizona (by around 90,000 votes) and Nevada (by around 8,000 votes) as votes are still being tallied by local election officials.

Even if Biden ultimately prevails, he cannot flood federal agencies with transition teams focused on preparing the way for his administration until after the race is called.

Notably, the media might project a winner in the race to 270 votes, but state elections are generally not certified for days, if not weeks.

Information from Bloomberg was used in this report.

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