Bolton: Trump ‘Political Equivalent of a Street Rioter’

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton harshly criticized President Donald Trump for continuing to contest the election results.

Speaking Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Bolton said he thought Trump was “throwing rocks through windows.

“I think he’s the political equivalent of a street rioter.”

Bolton insisted that “this is not a legal exercise anymore. As we saw on Friday, when the Michigan legislators were called to the Oval Office, this is now an exercise of raw political power.”

The former national security adviser said that the president has “given up on the legal issues,” pointing out that Trump’s campaign has lost almost all of the court challenges it has brought nationwide.

“I think what he’s trying to do now is sow enough confusion that he can break through what’s called the ‘safe harbor’ provision in the Electoral College process,” Bolton said. “I think he’s playing for as much time as he can, hoping that something will happen.”

He emphasized that there is an urgent need for senior Republican leaders to join those who have already come out to say that Trump’s behavior is inexcusable and to make clear to the American public that the election is over.

Giving some advice to those Republicans who are worried about Trump’s reaction if they dey him, Bolton emphasized that there is strength in numbers and “the more that come out, the safer they will be.”

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