Charlie Dent: Michael Flynn’s Tweet on Martial Law an ‘Outrage’

President Donald Trump and his allies are “taking a wrecking ball” to democratic institutions and the electoral process and ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn retweeting a call for martial law to be invoked in response to the November election is an “outrage,” former GOP Rep. Charlie Dent said Thursday. 

“What’s happening is, it seems that Donald Trump is trying to conscript people to help him overturn or steal an election where he didn’t like the outcome,” the Pennsylvania Republican, now a commentator for CNN, said on “New Day,” adding that the Flynn tweet was an “outrage.” “That’s what this is all about, and so now he’s attacking allies or former allies who are simply, you know, carrying out the oath of their office and doing their job.”

Flynn was pardoned by Trump after having pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. On Wednesday, Flynn, a retired lieutenant general, retweeted a full-page advertisement placed in The Washington Times from a group called the We the People Convention.

In it, Ohio Tea Party leader Tom Zawistowski draws comparisons between Abraham Lincoln’s declaration of martial law and Trump’s actions after the election and urges Trump to “declare limited Martial Law to temporarily suspend the Constitution” and to hold a redo, overseen by the military, of the presidential election. 

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this,” said Dent. “This increasingly erratic behavior hopefully will end come Inauguration Day.”

Dent also called it “ridiculous” that Trump and his team are “alleging fraud without proving any evidence,” particularly after Attorney General William Barr’s comment that there was no evidence of fraud that would change the election, and after former Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity chief Christopher Krebs and other investigators said the election was secure. 

“How about a specific allegation?” said Dent. “The only allegation I’ve seen in Pennsylvania is up here in the coal region, some guy was trying to vote his dead mother for Trump.”

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