China Using Sophisticated Campaign to Teach Kids to Be Patriotic

China has embarked on a sophisticated campaign in an effort to boost patriotism among its children.

The Wall Street Journal says slick videos with a nationalistic message have already attracted millions of views in an effort to steer young people away from Western ideas.

A popular video series was co-produced by a Communist Party organization and features a bald eagle wearing an American flag. The eagle is seen plotting with talking cockroaches in an effort to spark chaos in Hong Kong. In the series cute rabbits show up to fight the cockroaches.

Another video features the Chinese rabbits with green Communist hats completing work on an atomic bomb — much to the surprise of the eagle.

China’s campaign was laid out in a document published by the State Council, the country’s cabinet, in November 2019. The document says that “patriotism is the most natural and simple emotion of the Chinese. We must insist on starting from when they are babies, focusing on consolidating the roots, concentrating on the soul.”

Meanwhile, a study published by Shanxi University in September, found that Chinese teens born after 1998 are more patriotic than their predecessors. Researchers say 90% of those polled used terms such as “lucky” and “satisfied” to describe their feelings about growing up in China, the Journal noted.

Behind the current push is China’s problems in handling the extradition bill that led to protests in Hong Kong lasting throughout 2019, Fox News noted. About 40% of the thousands of protesters arrested in 2019 were registered as students.

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