Climate Change Alarmist Harrison Ford Seen Landing Private Jet to Pick Up Son Ahead of Thanksgiving

Harrison Ford, who has spoken publicly about the perils of climate change, was reportedly seen landing his private plane to pick up his son ahead of Thanksgiving.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark star was snapped disembarking from the plane in the Boston area on Saturday to pick up his son Liam from college for the holiday break, according to a report from the Daily Mail.  The actor appeared to disregard the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation that Americans avoid traveling for Thanksgiving due to the coronavirus.

Harrison Ford  recently received clearance to fly again from the Federal Aviation Administration, after an incident in April when the Hollywood actor and aviation enthusiast crossed a runway in Santa Ana, California, despite warnings from air traffic control.

Ford has been a vocal climate change activist, trashing the U.S. under the Trump administration and praising Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“The climate crisis is real — the weight of scientific evidence is overwhelming,” Ford said in an interview with Time magazine in October. “But evidence can be ignored, it can be manipulated. Leaders who choose to make climate change a divisive issue do it to protect the entrenched economic interests who profit from behavior that destroys our planet. It’s selfish. It’s short-sighted. It needs to stop… This shit is going to kill us.”

But the Star Wars star continues to fly his private plane despite studies showing that private jets spew as much as 20 times more carbon dioxide per passenger mile than a commercial airliner.

In August, the Hollywood star was seen landing his plane in Massachusetts to drop off his son for college.

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