CNBC Writer Claims “$1,400 Stimulus Check Would Help Keep 20 Million Adults Afloat Through July”

Really, what insanity.  Liberals have no concept of numbers or what it’s like in real America.

We’ve known for a long time that liberals have no concept of numbers or money.  They basically think money grows on trees.  So it’s really no surprise that Alicia Adamczyk at CNBC claims that the $1400 stimulus check will keep 20 million adults afloat through July:

As Congress irons out the details of the next coronavirus relief package, a new report from Morning Consult finds that the much-anticipated $1,400 stimulus payments would help keep tens of millions of Americans up-to-date on their bills for the next few months.

Using its household survey data, Morning Consult estimates that over 30 million adults were unable to pay their bills in January. The vast majority of those who could not afford their bills in January — 82% — were households with incomes of $50,000 or less a year, “underscoring how severely pay losses have been concentrated among low-income adults during this recession,” according to Morning Consult.

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Among the adults who could not pay all of their bills in January, three-fourths fell short by less than $300. With that in mind, Morning Consult estimates that an additional $1,400 stimulus payment — coupled with income from a job or unemployment benefits — would enable 22.6 million adults to pay their expenses completely for four and a half months. If the checks are sent at the beginning of March, they could help keep tens of millions of adults out of debt through mid-July.

Of course, this “report” noted that millions of Americans were unable to pay their bills in January.  This is in large part due to the actions taken in blue states where unemployment is the highest in the country.

Democrat States Lead the Country with the Highest Unemployment Rates – They Will Do Anything to Stop Trump and Gain Power

Democrat Governors, using the China coronavirus as their excuse, have shut down hundreds of thousands of small businesses, many of which will never come back and Democrats are still calling for more shutdowns:

Biden Covid Advisor Calls For Unconstitutional 4-6 Week Nationwide Lockdown to ‘Revive Economy’

President Trump knew that the answer to helping Americans prosper was to give them a job.  People are happy working and being rewarded for their work.  Handouts are never the answer.

The young writer for CNBC doesn’t know this.  She believes that $300 a month for four and a half months will keep millions of Americans afloat.  She never considers what got them there in the first place (hint – a lack of a job).  She doesn’t consider that the average American may be $300 behind in bills but there are millions more with debt greater than this.  She also doesn’t consider that these families may have gone through all their savings and now finally are falling behind in their bills.  She’s condescending when she claims $300 is enough for average Americans to get by on.  She doesn’t understand as well, how little this amount is when compared to a real job.

Handouts won’t fix this economy.  $1,400 won’t save Americans unable to pay their debt for five months.  Jobs will.  It’s time the economy opens up across the country and especially in the Democrat states. 

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