Democrats Making Large and Coordinated Effort to Assert Power and Control

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Since taking control of Congress, Democrats have proposed many bills and pieces of legislation. Some of these bills relate to the right to vote, the nation’s election laws/procedures, and the role(s) of the individual states in the national elections. While there are many controversial bills to dissect, some of the most pressing ones involve H.R. 1 (the “For the People Act”), H.J.Res. 14 (seeking to eliminate the electoral college), H.R. 51 (seeking to create a new state in the District of Columbia), and a bill seeking to pack the Supreme Court. Some of these bills will likely face legal challenges on constitutional or other grounds. This will take time, however. In the interim, Americans should understand that, as a whole, these bills are part of a large and coordinated effort to revamp America, and to assert power and control over Americans and their way of life.

By way of review, House Democrats recently voted along party lines to pass H.R. 1, the sole purpose of which is to help them in future elections. In a recent article for the Heritage Foundation, Hans A. von Spakovsky noted:

H.R. 1 would make things much worse, usurping the role of the states, wiping out basic safety protocols, and mandating a set of rules that would severely damage the integrity of the election process.

H.R. 1 would mandate same-day and automatic voter registration, and encourage vote trafficking of absentee ballots. It would eviscerate state voter ID laws and limit the ability of states to verify the accuracy of their voter registration lists. This would institutionalize the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election. But H.R. 1 would go even further in increasing the security weaknesses inherent in the current “honor” voter registration and voting system that exists in states across the country.

Not only does H.R. 1 invite voter fraud and make it easier for those who are ineligible to vote to actually cast a vote, Democrats also seek to eliminate the electoral college by way of H.J.Res. 14. The Electoral College is established in Article II of the Constitution. Therefore, to abolish it would require a two-thirds majority in the House and the Senate and three-fourths of the states to ratify the change. While unlikely to happen, the fact that Democrats want to do away with it makes perfect sense from their perspective. After all, if illegal aliens, felons, those who are deceased, and other ineligible/illegal voters are permitted to vote, and if the states with the largest populations are allowed to decide the winner of the elections, states such as California and New York (which are heavily “blue”) could very well decide the outcome of the nation’s election(s).

By way of example, according to BrilliantMaps, in the 2016 election, President Trump won approximately 2,600 counties to Clinton’s 500, or about 84 percent of the geographic United States. Clinton, on the other hand, won 88 of the 100 largest counties (including Washington, D.C.). Without these, she would have lost by 11.5 million votes. These numbers are consistent with historical trends. As reported by Snopes, many of the densely populated metropolitan areas in states such as New York and California tend to vote for Democratic candidates.

These proposed changes are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to easing and “federalizing” voting/election laws and doing away with the electoral college, Democrats also seek to create a new state in the District of Columbia by virtue of H.R. 51. While this piece of legislation is unconstitutional in that such a move would require a constitutional amendment, it is clear why Democrats would pursue such a move. As reported by the Washington Monthly:

Any future state centered around the current district would be all but certain to elect left-leaning Democrats to its two Senate seats and one House seat. It’s a margin that would have doomed the Republican tax reform bill and Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court career, and one that would help a future Democratic president avoid the gridlock of an opposition-controlled Congress.

As is evident, congressional Democrats seek to control the nation’s elections and the rules that govern them. They are also deeply committed to eliminating the Electoral College, which will all but ensure that the most populated states (which lean heavily in their favor) will decide future elections. Moreover, by creating new “blue” states and gaining additional seats in the House and Senate, Democrats intend to significantly increase the likelihood that their controversial pieces of legislation will pass and that Republican proposals will be defeated. Finally, as icing on the cake, Democrats (including President Biden) intend to eliminate or reform the filibuster to push their far-left agenda through Congress, and to pack the Supreme Court with justices who are all but certain to rubber-stamp their incredibly liberal policies and/or laws.

Americans should not consider these bills in a vacuum. Rather, it is imperative for Americans to understand the bills that the Democrats are trying to pass and the potential impact that they will have. When considered individually, the various bills present considerable cause for alarm. When considered as a whole, they reflect a frightening, coordinated, and dangerous plan to assert unfettered power and control over Americans and their democratic way of life.  

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