Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Trump Not Planning Martial Law

President Donald Trump is not planning to declare martial law, contrary to some media reports, according to Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

Morris, a political strategist to former President Bill Clinton and President Trump, told co-host Alison Maloni on Monday’s “American Agenda,” he spoke to the president “about three days ago.”

“There is a rumor circulating by the Left that he’s planning some sort of martial law or some sort of crazy action like that,” Morris said. “I can totally deny that. It’s completely untrue and unfounded. It’s just disinformation that the Left is spreading to try to delegitimize his challenges to the 2020 election.”

Morris said he expects President Trump to continue to press for an investigation into the election even after leaving office Jan. 20.

“There’ll be continued focus on what happened in the election, possibly through Senate hearings if [Republicans] control the Senate,” Morris said.

Morris also said the mainstream media and left-wing politicians need to understand that more and more people believe there was voter fraud in the presidential election.

“Right after Election Day, 30% of people in a McLaughlin poll said there was fraud, serious fraud in the election,” he said. “Now, that’s up to 46% in all parties: 18% of the [Joe] Biden voters say that there was serious fraud; 48% of the Independents say there was.

“If that trajectory continues, you’re talking about a major new political reality in this country which is that half the voters will think the current president is illegitimate and will understand the need for serious reform, and take anything that happens with a gigantic grain of salt.”

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