Disneyland, other Calif. theme parks could reopen April 1

Disneyland, Universal Studios and other theme parks in California could reopen as early as April 1 under new guidelines revealed by the California Department of Public Health Friday.

The state’s theme parks located in the red tier now can reopen their doors with “significantly reduced capacity, mandatory masking and other public health precautions” put into place.

California has a four-colored tier system in place to designate COVID-19 regulations based on COVID-19 case numbers. Under original state guidelines, Disneyland and other purple-tier theme parks wouldn’t be allowed to open until their counties made it into the yellow, or least restrictive, tier, The Los Angeles Times notes.

The new guidelines allow for parks in the orange and red tiers to open in April, paving the way for Disney to open sooner than expected, as Los Angeles and Orange counties are expected to move into the red tier within a week or two.

In the first phase of reopening, only in-state visitors will be permitted at the state’s theme parks.

Capacity will be limited to 15 percent in the red tier, 25 percent in the orange tier and 35 percent in the yellow tier.  

“With case rates and hospitalizations significantly lower, the arrival of three highly effective vaccines and targeted efforts aimed at vaccinating the most vulnerable communities, California can begin gradually and safely bringing back more activities, especially those that occur outdoors and where consistent masking is possible,” the department wrote in the new guidelines.

Along with amusement parks, outdoor ballparks and stadiums are also allowed to reopen, with restrictions determined by tier. 

In the purple tier, capacity will be limited to 100 people or fewer, with only regional visitors permitted. Concessions for concourse sales will be banned, and advanced reservations will be required. Parks in the red tier are allowed to operate only at 20 percent capacity, with concession sales primarily limited to in-seat. Additionally, concourse sales will be banned. Parks in the orange tier will be limited to 33 percent capacity, and 67 percent for the yellow tier.

For the red, orange and yellow tiers, only in-state visitors are permitted, according to the guidelines. 

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