Everything Is Bigger in Texas — Even the Child-borne “Trans” Propaganda


When terrorists, drug cartels, or rogue governments use children as human shields, it’s called a war crime.

When sexual devolutionaries use them as human shields, as they did recently in Texas, it’s called “testimony” and “activism.”

Oh, there were no bullets flying or bombs detonating on April 12, when 10-year-old “Kai” Shappley spoke in front of Texas lawmakers about a proposed bill that would prohibit so-called “gender” transition treatments for children. But the human-shield idea was the same:

Put a child on the front line — where fire would normally be directed — so as to ensure that an enemy more moral than you are won’t attack your vulnerable positions. It’s sad, too.

Speaking of which, “It makes me sad that some politicians use trans kids like me to get votes from people who hate me just because I exist,” Shappley, a boy who claims to be a girl, said to Texas’s Senate Committee on State Affairs, reading testimony that obviously was composed by adults.

TexasMonthly reports more on the story (edited for sanity where indicated), writing that Shappley,

who lived in Pearland before moving to Austin in 2018, was speaking out against two Senate bills, 1311 and 1646, that would prevent… [him] from receiving … [MUSS — Made-up Sexual Status] health care by criminalizing it. SB 1311 aims to prohibit medical professionals from providing … [MUSS] health care to those younger than eighteen. It would also prohibit a doctor’s liability insurance from covering … [MUSS] treatment or transition-related procedures. Meanwhile, SB 1646 goes as far as defining a parent’s support for his … trans child as “child abuse.” A parent who secures … [MUSS] care for a child — which, for minors, can include puberty-delaying drugs — would now be classified as an abuser.

… The bills are only two examples from a handful of measures targeting trans youth. SB 29 would ban trans youth from competing on sports teams that match their gender identity. The bill passed the Texas Senate on Thursday and now heads to the House. House Bill 1399, the companion to SB 1311 that would criminalize … [MUSS] health care, has passed in the House Committee on Public Health.

Shappley’s sexual devolutionary handlers/writers — who include the ACLU — certainly laid it on thick. For example, while testifying before the Texas committee, “Shappley quoted a passage from the Gospel of Matthew in which a master tells his servants, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me,’” reports the Daily Caller.

Exactly. And this imperative is precisely why we should stop quack doctors and confused parents from causing children irreversible damage with MUSS hormone treatments and surgery.

“‘God made me, God loves me for who I am, and God does not make mistakes,’ Shappley [also] said,” the Caller continued. “You should be careful how you treat the least of these.”


One thing the sexual devolutionaries got right was their choice of human shields, as Shappley has experience rendering material written by others. After all, the boy “is a trans actor and activist that starred in a short film by ACLU titled Kai Shappley: A Trans Girl Growing Up In Texas,” informs shethe people. He “also had a role in the 2020 Netlflix series The Baby-Sitters Club, where … [he]played Bailey, a trans girl.”

Since politics is largely performance art, and as phony as Hollywood, recruiting an actor to try to influence public policy is perhaps fitting. Yet Shappley himself deserves compassion.

While his mother, Kimberly Shappley, is busy facilitating his MUSS desires, I could find little information about the boy’s father, Stephen Franklin Shappley. Stars Offline states that Kai’s parents “could be divorced.”

This isn’t surprising. It’s also wouldn’t be surprising if, as we could infer from the news coverage, the father is a non-entity in Kai’s life. This so often appears the case with MUSS children.

In this vein, one could also wonder: How many Amish or Hasidim — who enjoy a very strong, traditional family structure — end up with children exhibiting MUSS issues? It’s apparent that this phenomenon is, at least in part, yet another consequence of America’s moral and family breakdown.

There’s also no question that MUSS issues such as Kai’s (“gender dysphoria”) are deep-seated and difficult to remedy. Yet this doesn’t excuse taking the seemingly easy (at least for physicians) way out: claiming that at issue is a biological phenomenon and then, catering to delusion, putting a child on track for a biological fix.

Note here that when diagnosing a child with “gender dysphoria” — the sense that you’re stuck in the body of the wrong sex — no biological marker is identified. Rather, the diagnosis is made purely based on feelings, which is much like cutting open a man’s chest and performing a bypass simply because he’s beset by a strong and persistent feeling that he has heart disease.

Also consider that if Kai is like 90-plus percent of boys and 80-plus percent of girls claiming a MUSS status, he’ll outgrow the problem as he passes through adolescence. Furthermore, if there’s medical intervention to alter his sexual development and/or body, he may end up another tragic case of “sex-change regret.”

As for the “God doesn’t make mistakes” argument the sexual devolutionaries put in Kai’s mouth, it’s now more than a bit stale. If God doesn’t make mistakes and really did ordain that Kai is a girl, why did He put Shappley in a boy’s body?

As spina bifida, cleft lip, and so many other abnormalities attest, we aren’t born perfect. We can argue the cause from a theist perspective (e.g., genetic degradation resulting from the Fall), but does anyone claim these abnormalities are ordained by God and thus shouldn’t be corrected? Something of this nature only happened in the past, when such defects might have been considered divine punishment.

Moreover, are congenital abnormalities of the mind unheard of? The psychological establishment certainly doesn’t think so: It tells us that psychopaths are born and not made. But would this make psychopathy-related behavior (e.g., murder) okay because “God doesn’t make mistakes”?

Obviously, inborn-status doesn’t determine what’s moral, and if that status happens to relate to the immoral, it’s not ordained by God.

Of course, though, the sexual devolutionaries don’t really think it is. Like Kai, that argument is just a convenient vehicle through which they can push their agenda. They don’t care about God’s will or kids’ welfare, and they don’t actually believe the preposterous: That God’s will dictates 10-year-olds should be shaping our policy.

That’s the bigger issue, too. Anyone using children as political human shields is despicable — perhaps, even in the MUSS case, as despicable as the agenda they’re pushing.

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