Freedom Caucus Demands AG Barr Update on Fraud Probes

The House Freedom Caucus is calling on the Justice Department, namely Attorney General William Barr, to update the public on whether it is investigating election irregularities and allegations of voter fraud.

“We’re waiting for them to give us some kind of indicia they’re actually investigating the multiple allegations of the improprieties in this 2020 presidential election,” HFC Chairman Rep. Andy Barr, R-Ariz., told reporters Thursday. “We have a keen interest in that, but we think all American people do as well.

“We want to call attention to our efforts to communicate to the Department of Justice and Attorney General Barr to have him include us in the information that he’s ostensibly, it appears to be anyway, that they’re investigating. But we’ve seen no indicia of it and I’m not sure anyone in America has.”

The members are calling for “an open transparent view of all the records” after AG Barr said publicly there is “no evidence” of widespread voter fraud “that would change the outcome of the election.”

Even the Justice Department refuted that claim, saying their has been no conclusion to the effect, Rep. Biggs noted to reporters.

“So, there’s some mixed signals that are going on there,” Biggs said. “To be frank with you, those of us that called on the DOJ to be actually conducting an investigation into the elections, I was surprised at the first statement by the attorney general, but I was even more surprised by the walk back of that statement.”

The HFC members also noted, changing the outcome of the election is not their goal, but instances of voter and/or election fraud must be investigated to secure this and all future elections for the American people.

“If there’s fraud or not, it’s not enough to overturn the election; it’s not enough to make a difference,” Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas. “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t understand if there’s criminal activity present – fraud, that’s criminal activity – why we don’t look at that. Why is it OK?

“If somebody’s murdered, we don’t let the perpetrator get away with murder, because we can’t change the results, right? We can’t bring the person back to life. If somebody attempts murder, we don’t say ‘well, you didn’t get away with it, so it’s all good.”

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