Hope Hicks is officially OUT as Donald Trump is impeached for second time

BREAKING NEWS: Hope Hicks is officially OUT as president’s closest female aide has her last day at the White House as he is impeached

  • Tuesday was Hope Hicks’ last day in Donald Trump’s administration
  • A Wednesday report revealed Hicks, one of the president’s closest confidants, joined the growing list of advisers to flee Trump’s side in the fallout 
  • Multiple sources claim her departure was planned for Tuesday before the storming of the Capitol last Wednesday, January 6
  • Her favor with Trump has fallen after she pushed back against his claims of election fraud and urged him bot to pursue legal challenges against the election 

Hope Hicks became the latest Donald Trump adviser to leave his side, it was revealed Wednesday, as administration officials flee following the president inciting a crowd to descend on the Capitol last week. 

Hicks, who was one of Trump’s most influential and trusted senior counselors, planned before the Capitol storming for her final day to be Tuesday, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN in a Wednesday report.

While news of Hicks’ departure broke, the House moved forward with voting on impeaching Trump for the second time. 

The president’s confidant did not spend much time at the White House in the last few weeks, these sources revealed. They claim her influence waned recently when she pushed back against Trump’s insistent claims of voter fraud and a ‘rigged’ election. 

Hope Hicks is the latest within Donald Trump’s administration to leave the White House just one week after Capitol storming

Hicks, 32, was one of Trump's closest aides and confidants since the start of his campaign in 2015. She told colleagues that she is not leaving in disgust, as her departure was planned for prior to inauguration ever since Trump lost reelection in November

Hicks, 32, was one of Trump’s closest aides and confidants since the start of his campaign in 2015. She told colleagues that she is not leaving in disgust, as her departure was planned for prior to inauguration ever since Trump lost reelection in November


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos 

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao 

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf 

Hope Hicks – who said it was not related to riots 

Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham

White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta

Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger 

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Intelligence and Security John Costello 

Special Envoy for Northern Ireland and former OMB Director and White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney 

The National Security Council’s Senior Director for Europe and Russia Ryan Tully  

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews 

Entire non-career staff of the Federal Aviation Administration 

Hicks was also apparently urging Trump not to pursue legal challenges against the election process and results. 

Unlike other officials, however, Hicks has told her colleagues that she is not leaving Trump in disgust or over anything related to the riot at the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6.

Reports emerged Friday that the 32-year-old aide planned to depart the White House before Joe Biden’s inauguration ever since Trump did not win reelection in November.

Her end-date had been decided before the events last week.

This is the second time Hicks is leaving the Trump administration.

She was Trump’s original campaign press secretary before becoming the youngest White House Communications Director when he took office.

Hicks resigned from her role in the West Wing in 2018, something it appeared neither she nor Trump wanted at the time. 

In February 2018, Hicks gave nine hours of closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and the next day a report emerged revealing her plans to resign – even though the sources in those reports claim Hicks had been planning to resign for some time and was unrelated to the questioning the day before.

She officially resigned on March 29, 2018 and on March 9, 2020 – just shy of two years later – Hicks returned to the White House as an aide to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and counselor to the president.

In the interim, Hicks worked as chief communications officer at Fox Corporation – Fox News’ parent company.

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