Is Liberty University Going “Woke”?

Conservatives and evangelical Christians are expressing serious concerns that Liberty University, the largest Christian university in the country, is on the verge of being hijacked by “woke” progressives whose views are radically at odds with the Bible. Numerous other once-conservative Christian organizations and ministries have already fallen.

With the resignation of Jerry Falwell, Jr., amid revelations about sexual scandals, “progressive” forces are reportedly working on a coup to seize control of Liberty University. The goal: To transform the conservative Christian institution into yet another promoter of far-left politics, division, hatred, and Marxism disguised as pseudo-Christianity.

Last week, a “Black Lives Matter” march was held at Liberty’s campus, featuring all of the usual anti-American lies about systemic racism and so on. No mention was made of the group’s Marxist agenda, or its proven involvement with the occult. What made the event even more incredible was that Liberty vice-president David Nasser, who is seeking to take over the university, attended the BLM event.

According to students and other sources quoted in the Capstone Report, university leaders are also trying to radicalize students into the anti-Christian doctrines of “social justice.” Indeed, evangelical insiders such as Dr. Bobby Lopez, a former homosexual who was ousted from SWBTS during a recent progressive coup against conservatives, argued that Liberty was facing a similar hostile takeover right now.

One dean at Liberty even touted the fringe book “The Heart of Racial Justice” as “our Fall 2020 book” in a welcome letter to nursing students. The book promotes everything from Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Intersectionality to “social justice.” The Marxism-peddling book is openly hostile to Western Christianity and biblical truth, too.

A couple days after the BLM protest, Liberty University invited radical left-wing Obama cabinet member Jeh Johnson to speak at the convocation. Analysts said hosting the “Obama-era partisan” was just the latest “clear signal of leftward drift at the once conservative university.” Even Johnson said it would be viewed as an attack on Trump and his reelection.

One of the key players in the operation is said to be Karen Swallow Prior, a far-left activist and former faculty member at Liberty who now serves as a research professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She was also involved in the orchestrated take-down of conservative heavyweight Paige Patterson to facilitate the takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention by progressives.

“The kinds of things that have been revealed in the last couple of days have not come in isolation,” the far-left feminist activist seeking to make Christianity “woke” in America explained in an interview with CNN, known for peddling “fake news” and anti-Christian extremism. “There have been red flags for a long time.”

Numerous other Christian educational institutions have fallen victim already. As The Newman Report documented in 2018, Azusa Pacific University has largely been taken over by “woke” progressives, forcing conservative Christians to resign from the board. Christian para-church ministries to colleges such as Cru have also been hijacked, experts warned.

Whole denominations are at risk, including the Southern Baptist Convention.

Unless Bible-believing Christians act now, and forcefully, highly organized, well-funded progressives will continue hijacking control of Christian institutions, including educational ministries and universities such as Liberty. The consequences of this ongoing takeover for the church and the nation will be devastating.

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This article originally appeared at FreedomProject Media and is reprinted here with permission.

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