John Kerry Talks “Great Reset” at World Economic Forum

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Former Secretary of State John Kerry took part in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEC) last week and the “Great Reset” was foremost on his mind. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also participated in the event, which looked forward to a coming Joe Biden presidency and a coming transformation of the planet’s economy.

The discussion largely centered on climate change, COVID-19, and the vast changes that the World Economic Forum believes are necessary to usher in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. Every globalist on the panel looked forward to the day when Joe Biden takes over as president, even though that election result is still far from a certainty.

“The notion of a reset is more important now than ever before,” Kerry said. “I personally believe … we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.”

According to Kerry, a reset of some sort was necessary to stop the rising tide of nationalist populism in the United States and abroad, which he referred to as “a reflection of the inability of democratic governments in many parts of the world to deliver” on key issues facing citizens.


Kerry had harsh words for those who voted against Biden: “What astounds me is that as many people still voted for the level of chaos and breach of law and order and breaking the standards and … I think that the underlying reason for that is something that everybody has to examine.”

And not just America, according to Kerry: “I think Europe has to look at that with the Brexit and the rising national populism — nationalistic populism,” Kerry said. “Which is really one of the priorities that we all have to address. You can’t dismiss it.”

Von der Leyen welcomed the prospect of a friendly face in the White House, since there is much to accomplish with the coming reset, including writing “a new rule book for the digital economy and the digital society.”

Like WEC founder Klaus Schwab, von der Leyen sees the coronavirus pandemic as more of an opportunity than a problem.

“So, covering everything from data to infrastructure, but also talking about security and democracy, technology to fair taxation — all of these topics are on the table with digital change,” von der Leyen said. “The need for global cooperation and this acceleration of change will both be drivers of the Great Reset. And I see this as an unprecedented opportunity.”

And it would be helpful for the globalists to have a compliant puppet such as Joe Biden in the White House.

“It’s good to have a friend in the White House,” von der Leyen said. “We should not forget what kind of strength we can develop…. We need a new agenda and, of course, we will have to start with the most pressing issue which is COVID-19…. The second big topic is climate change, fighting climate change…. The third topic is the tech topic.”

Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, one of the first things that would occur is that the United States would quickly rejoin the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement, but according to the former secretary of state, that’s not good enough.

“I know Joe Biden believes this. It’s not just enough to rejoin [The Paris Climate Agreement] for the United States. It’s not enough for us to do just the minimum of what it requires,” Kerry said.

“The Biden administration will focus on every sector of the American economy,” Kerry said. “There will be a 2035 goal to achieve net neutrality with respect to power and production…. We’re ready to come back in and help to lead and raise the ambition in Glasgow to accelerate this incredible capacity for a transformation in the private sector.”

In other words, should Biden ascend to the presidency, look for gas and energy prices to rise, fracking to end, and rolling blackouts to slowly move east out of California to the rest of America.

Also participating in the discussion was New York Times media columnist Ben Smith, which is ironic since last week his own newspaper referred to the idea of a Great Reset as a baseless conspiracy theory. Even though his newspaper believes that, Smith still thinks that the media will play a vital role in the Great Reset.

“I think that you’re seeing the mainstream media institutions become a bit more confident in trying to set the national agenda.” Smith said.

Set the national agenda? Aren’t they were just supposed to report news in an unbiased way?

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