Kirk Explains ‘One of the Biggest Lies the Media Has Been Telling’ About Obama’s Impact on Race

Former President Obama has been stumping for Joe Biden in the final stretch of the campaign, but how will his presence affect the race? According to the media, Obama could help shore up support for his former vice president but Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk says that’s not going to happen.   

“One of the biggest lies the media has been telling the last couple of days is that Barack Obama is the X Factor,” the Salem radio host told Fox News’s Jesse Watters. “In 2016, he campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton; that did not work well. And then Barack Obama campaigned heavily for Andrew Gillum in Florida in what was supposed to be the blue wave and Ron DeSantis is now Gov. DeSantis.”

He continued: “Barack Obama made no impact in 2016 and he made little impact in 2018. Barack Obama’s not moving this race for Joe Biden.”

Indeed, Obama’s events have turned out a paltry number of supporters compared to President Trump’s rallies.

According to CBS News campaign reporter Tim Perry, Obama’s drive-in event in Florida on Saturday only brought in 228 cars, totaling about 400 people.

“The scene at Florida International University in Miami where former President Barack Obama will soon take the stage to campaign on behalf of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” said Perry. “According to the Biden-Harris campaign there are 228 cars (400 people) at this Obama drive-in rally.”

Obama’s rally in Pennsylvania last week wasn’t much better, with Fox 4 reporting about 300 cars total.

Big Tech and the media are more significant influencers in the race, Kirk argued. Biden will only win, he said, if they continue “their diabolical character assassination against President Trump and enough people are unfortunately misled.”

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