‘Liberatory education’? Another name for indoctrination: activist

Earlier this month, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law another bill enabling radicals to continue installing leftist ideology into the state’s public schools – that’s the takeaway for a family advocate in The Prairie State.

Chicago is currently home to one “Freedom School.” According to its website, Chicago Freedom School – which opened its doors in 2007 – uses an “innovative approach to civic engagement, leadership development, and movement building” for student to “deepen their understanding of current social problems [and] build new coalitions and develop strategies for change.”

The new law, however, calls for the creation of a network of “Chicago Freedom Schools,” according to Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute. That approach to education, she explains, began in the 1960s to help underprivileged and black students – but now, she says, they’ve lost their way.

“But what they have morphed into, and it’s pretty explicitly clear, is to create leftist agents of change, community organizers,” she tells One News Now. “That is the goal of it.”

Chicago Freedom School is rooted in what it calls “the long legacy of liberatory education.” That approach argues that schools, in part, should be “training grounds for the next generation of social architects and protagonistic ambassadors of a just multiracial democracy” … “entry-points into collective governance and hyperlocal democracy” … and offer education that is “potentially tied to environmental justice.”


In short, Higgins argues, Freedom Schools are focused on social justice and dismantling systems of supremacy. “I don’t think that’s an appropriate use of taxpayer money [and] I don’t think it helps students,” she offers. “It doesn’t help them achieve the kind of skills that they need to succeed in life.”

In a recent article about the bill signed by the governor, Higgins describes a network of Freedom Schools as “breeding grounds for leftist social activists.” She also quotes a portion of the school website that aligns with the mission and tactics of Black Lives Matter and critical race theory:

“CFS uses social justice and anti-oppression practices to work to transform oppression into liberation by naming, analyzing, implementing and teaching actions that dismantle systems of supremacy that give power and privileges to some at the expense of others.”

The overall result of a network of Freedom Schools, according to Higgins, will “drown government schools in leftist ideology, thereby turning education into indoctrination – and Illinois children into leftist activists.”

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