Nearly 6K Criminals Caught at Border in Fiscal 21

Nearly 6K Criminals Caught at Border in Fiscal 21
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The tsunami of illegal aliens at the border with Mexico is bringing more than impoverished “migrants” looking for a job and a handout from Sleepy Joe: It includes a near-record number of hardened criminals and previously deported border jumpers.

Thus far in this fiscal year’s massive wave of nearly 750,000 “migrants,” border agents have apprehended almost 6,000 thugs, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports. Included are nearly three dozen killers, and hundreds of burglars, drunk drivers, sex perverts, and wife beaters.

And if Joe Biden gets his way, they’ll be living in your neighborhood given his orders to give rapists and murderers the benefit of the doubt and let them stay in the country.

The Numbers

Overall numbers paint the usual dark picture of the possible violence to which Biden is exposing Americans at the border, agents and civilians alike.

Year to date, agents have bagged 5,861 criminals, 140 percent more than the 2,438 for all 12 months last year. It also exceeds 2019’s 4,269.


Since 2016, agents have captured 40,439 criminals.

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CBP also provides a breakdown of how many criminals were caught by offense:

  • Assault, battery, domestic violence: 671
  • Burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, fraud: 452
  • Driving under the influence: 944
  • Homicide, manslaughter: 34
  • Illegal drug possession, trafficking: 1,175
  • Illegal entry, re-entry: 3,246
  • Illegal weapons possession, transport, trafficking: 193
  • Sexual offenses: 306
  • Other: 1,532

Since CBP’s last report, the number of criminals now in custody increased 16.7 percent. Last month, the agency had apprehended 5,018.

The average rate of arrest per month since October 1, the beginning of fiscal 2021, is 837. If that rate holds through September 30, the agency will have caught 10,046 illegal-alien thugs.

No Deportations

Right now, as The New American reported last month, federal authorities have about 14,000 illegal-alien criminals in custody. More than 8,000 won’t be deported.

That fine bunch includes 19 killers and 36 sex perverts, along with myriad burglars, robbers, kidnappers, car thieves, and other criminals.

Such individuals will be deported under the following conditions, a memo from Acting ICE Director Tae Johnson says:

1. Convictions for serious crimes of violence such as murder, rape, arson, robbery, child abuse, domestic violence, kidnapping, human trafficking, gun related charges or serious drug offenses (trafficking/Smuggling).

2. Institutional records indicating a history of violent or assaultive behavior.

3. Well documented gang affiliation or affiliation with a transnational criminal organization.

Other than that, they get to stay. Even murderers and rapists, if their convictions are a decade old, won’t get the boot.

Better yet, Johnson — the man who says underlings can’t use the term “illegal aliens” to describe illegal aliens —  says immigration authorities must always err on the side of caution. But not caution to protect Americans from illegal-alien rapists and murderers.

Johnson Memo

Rather, he wrote, the government must protect illegal-alien criminals. He doesn’t want to deport future Democrat voters, after all:

If there is any question as to whether an individual falls into the category of posing a public safety threat, managers should err on the side of caution and postpone the individual’s removal until a full assessment, in coordination with local Office of Chief Counsel, is conducted.

Neither Biden nor Johnson, of course, will be held responsible when their thug-friendly directives end in the rape or murder of Americans.

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