‘Outright Censorship’: D. James Kennedy Ministries Says It Was ‘Forced Off’ Lifetime TV

Earlier this month, the Lifetime cable network reportedly gave an ultimatum to D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) to eliminate all “controversial” content from Truths That Transform, its weekly half-hour Christian television series, or the ministry’s program would be pulled from the network. 

Lifetime told the ministry it would no longer air programming that addressed issues like abortion or left-wing financier George Soros. And it refused to carry any DJKM programming – even broadcasts celebrating George Washington – unless the media ministry founded in 1974 agreed to Lifetime’s sweeping new demands.

“Because of Lifetime’s newfound ban on so-called ‘controversial’ content, D. James Kennedy Ministries has been forced off the cable channel—to which we have paid enormous fees since 2017 to air our program,” said Frank Wright, Ph.D., DJKM President, and CEO.

Lifetime’s sudden decision to impose severe content restrictions came after three years during which the cable channel aired, without comment, Truths That Transform programs addressing abortion and other matters of concern to Christian social conservatives. Just last October, Lifetime aired – without comment – the ministry’s documentary, Billionaire Radical: George Soros and the Scheme to Remake America. 

Wright said the ministry would not bow to “cancel culture.”

“We will not cave to the cancel culture,” he said. “D. James Kennedy Ministries is committed to proclaiming biblical truth and defending freedom in America. We simply cannot water down our message to please Lifetime and be faithful to our mission.”

In a recent op-ed published by The Christian Post, Wright wrote about Lifetime’s executives who thought of the ministry’s programming as “controversial.”

“They objected to our exposé on Planned Parenthood, in which we documented their sale of baby body parts derived from abortions. They objected to our exposé on billionaire radical George Soros and his systematic efforts to undermine American laws and institutions. They even objected to our program on the spiritual life of George Washington,” he wrote. 

Wright also warns that the new face of corporate responsibility in America is now “outright censorship.”

“At the same time the Lifetime Channel is giving us the back of their hand, we received reports from others in the community of Christian broadcasters that other major cable television channels and networks are canceling entire blocks of religious programming. This is the new face of corporate responsibility in America — viewpoint discrimination, prior restraint, and outright censorship,” he continued. 

Wright confirmed in a YouTube video on the Lifetime controversy that the ministry’s programs were off the network immediately. 

He also said they are looking for other possible distribution channels for their programming. DJKM now reaches 105 million television households.

“We are extremely grateful to our partners who are praying for us and standing with us by their much-needed financial support now,” Wright said. “But this is not just about us. We are at a critical turning point in our culture. The cancel culture is in high gear and coming after anyone who speaks with courage and candor to the great moral and cultural issues of our day. With God’s help, we will not bow.”

DJKM also produces The Coral Ridge Hour which airs nationwide. 

Watch below as Frank Wright talks about how Lifetime refused to air the ministry’s program.

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