President Trump Oversaw the Greatest NASDAQ Market Increase of the Last Eight Presidents

President Trump was king of the markets.  In his four years in office, the markets soared like never before.

We’ve reported previously on how President Trump was the greatest President ever for the US stock markets:

IT’S OFFICIAL: Despite Numerous Hurdles President Trump Shattered the Record for the Greatest Market Increase in US History

Trump’s market increases weren’t due to the prior administration either:

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President Trump Sets Record for Most Stock Market Closing Highs in First Year – Obama Had None His Entire First Term

This morning the Common Sense Blog reports that President Trump’s results in his four years in office far outpaced the results of the past eight Presidents:

Via MacroTrends

Common Sense Blog notes:

President Trump in his first term had the BEST NASDAQ MARKET RETURN of any of the last eight US presidents.  Trump’s 135% return easily beats Obama at 112.8% and Carter at 107%.

President Trump worked for the American people and his results show it.

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