Rep. Brian Babin to Newsmax TV: Pelosi Wouldn’t Negotiate CARES Act Extension

The refusal of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to negotiate the extension of the CARES Act will have a massive impact on the airline industry, Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) told Newsmax TV.

“Ms. Pelosi simply would not agree to negotiate. We had a lot of the committee work done, we had bipartisanship galore and all of a sudden, we thought we had a bill, but then when Ms. Pelosi gets a hold of it it’s off the table. And they’ve got a Democrat wishlist just chock-full of stuff that has nothing to do with COVID whatsoever,” Babin told Thursday’s “Spicer & Co.”

On Wednesday, American Airlines announced it would lay off 19,000 workers and United said it would lay off 13,000 because protections from the CARES Act expired.

“There’s not a thing that I as an individual can do about this except to try to get the Democrats to try to work with our leadership so that we can wind up getting something out there for the American people that they desperately need,” he said.

“She almost had a mutiny on her hands … It’s my understanding that we had a number of Democrats who were willing to sign on to try to get this bill negotiated and through the House, and she evidently took some of her members into a back room and said, ‘You will not sign-on with these Republicans,'” Babin said.

Babin added, “She is absolutely determined not to give any Republican or President Trump, especially, any kind of win.”

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