Rep. Comer: Pelosi Has ‘Bad Case of Selective Hearing’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a “bad case of selective hearing” when it comes to the coronavirus relief bill because President Donald Trump didn’t only call for releasing $2,000 checks, Rep. James Comer said Thursday. 

“The Republicans wanted to file a unanimous consent to reduce the wasteful spending in that COVID bill,” the Kentucky Republican said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “What Nancy Pelosi has right now is a bad case of selective hearing because what the president said was he wanted to increase the stimulus direct payments from $600 to $2,000, but also said he wanted to reduce all that wasteful spending that Nancy Pelosi put in that bill.”

House Republicans Thursday morning shot down the Democrats’ bid to pass Trump’s demand for the higher direct payments. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer sought the unanimous approval of all House members for the bigger checks, but Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who was not present in the chamber, denied approval.

“I think what the president should do now is he should veto the bill if Pelosi is unwilling to cut the waste out and start all over because 90% of the bill has bipartisan support,” said Comer. 

Meanwhile, the American people are watching a process that is awful, he said. 

“Putting lots of different bills into one vote and then no debate, no amendment, not enough time for everyone to completely digest the bill, that is not what the American people want,” said Comer. “That’s a broken Congress because of Nancy Pelosi.”

He added that Trump did a “great job” bringing attention to the lower stimulus payments and the extra spending in the package. 

“Now it is up to Congress to right this wrong,” said Comer. “I appreciate the Republicans standing firm on that and hope we can eliminate the waste, fraud, and abuse in the budget.”

However, Pelosi puts “politics ahead of people,” said Comer.

“This is perfectly demonstrated in this bill, by how she conducted the process,” said Comer, adding that in the past 48 hours, Americans have seen the process Pelosi put in place, and “they are not satisfied with that, even the liberals.”

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