San Jose School Board Reaffirms Relationship with Police Despite Protests

The San Jose Unified School District announced this week that it has reaffirmed its relationship with local police despite mounting pressure from locals to cut ties. A group of activists urged the school district to remove police officers from the schools, with one school board official saying that protesters rallied outside of her home prior to the board’s decision.

According to a local news report, the San Joe Unified School District has ignored the calls of anti-police activists and reaffirmed its commitment to working with local police officers. As a result of the board’s decision, local police officers will continue to monitor school buildings to protect students and staff.

School Board President Teresa Castellanos said that protesters rallied outside of her home. She referred to the protests as a form of “bullying.”

“I am here at the school district and I do not appreciate what is taking place at my home. This feels like bullying, it does not feel like a dialogue,” Castellanos said. “I am trying to do what’s best for our school district and our students.”

Rosie Chavez, an activist with an organization called “Silicon Valley De-Bug,” argued that students should interact with counselors more than they interact with police. Chavez said that she was inspired to support the movement to remove police from local schools after her nephew was reportedly killed during an altercation with police.

“Most kids that are going through things have been affected by trauma, like my nephew who left three kids behind — they’ve been traumatized,” Chavez said. “I don’t know what their mental health is going to be years down the line, and I don’t feel like policing the schools is healthy for the kids.”

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