Schumer labels McConnell’s scheduled coronavirus stimulus vote as ‘a stunt’

Senate Minority Leader (D-N.Y.) labeled Senate Majority Leader ’s (R-Ky.) scheduled coronavirus stimulus vote for this week as “a stunt.”

Schumer in a Sunday call with reporters commented on McConnell’s scheduling of two stimulus votes this week, including a standalone Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) bill Tuesday and a $500 billion package that Democrats rejected last month. 

The New York senator said he couldn’t comment specifically on the standalone PPP bill scheduled to be voted upon on Tuesday because “we just don’t know what he plans to do” with it. 

But Schumer called the $500 billion stimulus bill as “inadequate, just up and down the line” and “just a sham.”

“It’s a stunt by Senator McConnell,” he said, noting the Kentucky Republican has blocked other stimulus plans, including the House’s HEROES Act passed in May.

Schumer said the current $500 billion package under consideration is “not gonna bring any relief to the American people.”

He said McConnell was “tied in a knot” because of the “divisions in his own caucus,” as some Republicans push for less spending while others, including , are calling for a stimulus deal before the election. 

The minority leader said McConnell and Senate Republicans were the “number one reason there’s no agreement” as they “won’t even go along with what Trump is willing” to do.  

Trump proposed a $1.8 trillion stimulus package earlier this month and has suggested to White House officials that he is willing to go beyond that, despite Republican senators’ pushback on the cost.  

But McConnell has said he will not bring a $1.8 trillion deal to the Senate floor.

“That’s where the administration is willing to go,” he said. “My members think half a trillion dollars, highly targeted, is the best way to go.”

House Speaker gave the White House a 48-hour deadline to come up with a coronavirus package deal after she, Treasury Secretary and White House chief of staff have spent months since this summer wrangling out a deal that has largely stalled.

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