Secretary of State Pompeo: US Not a Banana Republic

Suggestions the U.S. has become a banana republic are way off base, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday.

Using his personal Twitter account, Pompeo criticized politicians and journalists who have compared the U.S. to countries where “mob violence determines the exercise of power,” according to Pompeo per The Hill

Pompeo’s remarks were posted one day after demonstrators protesting the presidential election results attacked the Capitol. As of Friday afternoon, five people had died as a result of the insurrection.

“In the wake of [Wednesday’s] reprehensible attack on the U.S. Capitol, many prominent people — including journalists and politicians — have likened the United States to a banana republic,” Pompeo wrote. “The slander reveals a faulty understanding of banana republics and of democracy in America.

“In a banana republic, mob violence determines the exercise of power. In the United States, law enforcement officials quash mob violence so that the people’s representatives can exercise power in accordance with the rule of law and constitutional government.”

The rioters marched on the Capitol with the intent of halting Congress’ certification of the Electoral College voting results. President Donald Trump alleged that voter fraud in several key battleground states resulted in Joe Biden winning the election.

“Congress’s completing its certification of electors — with our law enforcement heroes having restored order in the Capitol — at 3:40 AM [Thursday] shows the strength of American political institutions and represents a victory for the rule of law & constitutional government in America,” Pompeo wrote.

The term “banana republic” was used by former President George W. Bush in his statement condemning the Capitol violence. Bush said scenes of the riot were “sickening and heartbreaking.”

“This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic — not our democratic Republic,” Bush said in a statement. 

Although Pompeo also posted Thursday on his official account, the secretary used his personal account to respond to the banana republic accusations.

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