Sen. Ron Johnson Calls For FBI To Address Reported Biden Ukraine Meeting

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Sunday called on the FBI to answer questions about a reported meeting between Joe Biden and a senior official from Ukrainian energy company Burisma amid a controversy over the dismissal of a prosecutor investigating the firm.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Johnson said  the issue is one of national security.

“This isn’t a standard investigation where if the FBI doesn’t indict somebody that everything remains confidential,” he said. “This is something that as we were talking about relates to national security and if there’s criminal activity involved that could be tied to Hunter Biden or his business associates or even possibly tie it back to other members of the Biden family.

“And as some of these e-mails indicate that Joe Biden was fully aware of he was taking his 10% cut or requiring 50% from his family members salary, this needs to be known before Americans go to the polls,” he said.

Johnson said a Democratic lobbying group has been subpoenaed for its records in the matter.

“Blue Star Strategies is a Democrat-led lobbying firm that represented Burisma and in the United States, trying to get the United States to look favorably on this very corrupt oil company and its corrupt owner,” he said.

“What we subpoenaed them for all their records having to do with Burisma and their actions with the federal government.”

The Biden campaign has denied the New York Post report.

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