Stephen Moore: Trump Must Be ‘on His Best Behavior’ in Final Debate

In order to get his economic message across, President Donald Trump must be “on his best behavior” for the final debate against Joe Biden this week, economic adviser Stephen Moore said Sunday.

“A new Gallup poll shows that most Americans agree with what Donald Trump has done with his policy positions over Biden; they just don’t like his behavior,” Moore told “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 A.M.-N.Y., per The Hill.

“That’s why the final debate between Trump and Biden is so important. Trump has to be on his best behavior and lay out to the American people the amazing things he’s done for American workers and businesses.”

Trump will participate in the second and final debate with Biden on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee, as the candidates show their final contrast before the Nov. 3 election.

“The economy is hot right now,” Moore told host John Catsimatidis, per The Hill.

“It’s amazing that anybody’s thinking of changing horses right now when the economy is on this stunning recovery.”

Trump has been more forceful and combative against direct questioning, while Biden has picked up steam in the polls since the first debate over the appearance of being more calm and presidential.

Trump’s messaging in debates often gets derailed by contentious back-and-forth with moderators, as he takes up debating them as much as his opponent.

The moderator of the final debate will be NBC News’ Kristen Welker, who has spent Christmas at the White House with the Obamas in 2012 and whose parents have been donors to Democrats, including Biden. Trump expects her to be another moderator siding with his opponent, calling her a “never Trumper” on Newsmax TV this week.

Also, the group that picks the moderators and tried to change the debate rules on second, now-canceled, debate – the Commission on Presidential Debates – has chairpersons and board members who are exclusively Democrats and “never Trumpers,” Trump has lamented.

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