Trump calls Biden the ‘most boring human being’ who’s also running a ‘criminal enterprise’

President Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for being ‘boring’ and not together, while also characterizing him as a criminal mastermind worse than ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton as he slammed the Democrat Sunday night at his Carson City, Nevada rally. 

‘This is the most boring human being I’ve ever seen,’ Trump said of Biden, while also claiming he was running a ‘criminal enterprise’ alongside his son, Hunter. 

‘The Bidens make “crooked” Hillary Clinton look like an absolute amateur,’ Trump said, using a throwback insult from his successful 2016 campaign. 

Pointing a finger at Hunter, Trump said, ‘This guy’s a vacuum cleaner,’ alleging he was sucking up tons of foreign money. 

‘I call him the human vacuum cleaner,’ the president said to cheers and applause from the crowd of several thousand watching the president in the hot Nevada sun. 

President Donald Trump appeared at a campaign rally Sunday afternoon in Carson City, Nevada 16 days before the presidential election

President Donald Trump briefly chatted with reporters on the tarmac in Reno, Nevada, as he arrived Sunday afternoon for his Carson City, Nevada rally

President Donald Trump briefly chatted with reporters on the tarmac in Reno, Nevada, as he arrived Sunday afternoon for his Carson City, Nevada rally 

A woman dressed up in Native American costume awaits the arrival of President Donald Trump in Carson City, Nevada Sunday

A woman dressed up in Native American costume awaits the arrival of President Donald Trump in Carson City, Nevada Sunday 

President Donald Trump's supporters get ready for the president's arrival in Carson City, Nevada Sunday

President Donald Trump’s supporters get ready for the president’s arrival in Carson City, Nevada Sunday 

While the president occassionally veered into regional anecdotes, like how nearby California is facing water shortages by protecting a fish called smelt, he kept going back to how the media and ‘big tech’ were in an unholy alliance with Biden.  

Trump has been having a field day over a New York Post report that is supposed to be proof that Joe Biden was in on his son Hunter’s foreign business deals while he was serving as President Barack Obama’s vice president. 

The emails were allegedly found on a laptop left at a shop with a copy of the harddrive given to Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. 

The president called it the ‘laptop from hell.’ 

‘So a giant trove of emails show Hunter Biden making deals, setting up deals with his father Joe,’ Trump said at one point. 

‘Joe’s getting a piece of everything,’ Trump, at another moment, alleged.   

On this three-day swing, Nevada was the only swing state that tilted toward the Democrats in 2016, with 47.9 per cent of voters in the state picking Clinton and 45.5 for Trump. 

On Saturday he did back-to-back rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin. 

And on Monday, he’ll host two rallies in Arizona, a state that he won in 2016, but looks ripe for the Democrats’ picking.  

The president woke up Sunday at his Las Vegas hotel and attended church services at the International Church of Las Vegas before jetting off to Orange County, California for several hours to raise money for his campaign 16 days before the presidential election.  

The Democrats and Biden have far outraised the Republican National Committee and Trump in August and September.  

In Carson City, the president suggested the Democrats were cheating – and their fundraising was like a ‘quid pro quo,’ aiming the comment at Biden. 

Trump’s impeachment revolved around whether there was a ‘quid pro quo’ when the president held up military aid to Ukraine to pressure the country’s president to announce investigations into Hunter and Joe Biden.    

Upon landing in Reno, Nevada, Trump gave reporters a quick update on the on-again, off-again stimulus talks taking place back in Washington, D.C. 

‘I think Nancy Pelosi maybe is coming along we’ll find out,’ Trump said. ‘want to do it at a bigger number than she wants. That doesn’t mean all the Republicans agree with me but I think they will in the end if she would go along, I think they would too, on stimulus.’ 

‘So we’ll see what happens,’ Trump added.   

That didn’t stop Trump from attacking the House speaker at the Carson City event, making fun of her for not wanting his ‘wall’ but living in a gating community and eating fancy ice cream. 

He also suggested Pelosi’s recent talk about the 25th Amendment, which came after the president was hospitalized with the coronavirus, was actually so Democrats can dispose of Biden for his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, should they win. 

‘Biden is gone-zo,’ Trump said, a reference to the 77-year-old’s age. ”Can you iumagine having Kamala?’ he added, calling her the most liberal member of Congress. 

The president also hit out at some Congressional Republicans, like GOP Sen. Ben Sasse, who was extremely critical of the president on a call with constituents. 

‘We have some stupid people, you know,’ Trump said. 

‘Now we have this guy Sasse. He wants to make a statement. Little Ben Sasse,’ Trump jabbed. ‘Republicans needs to stick together better.’ 

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