Trump: Martial Law Rumors ‘Fake News, Bad Reporting’

President Donald Trump fired back at rumors he would consider martial law to combat election fraud, calling it “fake news” and “more knowingly bad reporting.”

While the use of martial law as been broached by Newsmax TV guests, the ire appears to be directed at The New York Times report President Trump brought up the topic Friday with the White House inner circle.

Trump tweeted late Saturday night:

“Martial law = Fake News. Just more knowingly bad reporting!”

Martial law was alluded to by Georgia attorney L. Lin Wood earlier this month on Newsmax TV’s “The Count”:

“If the Supreme Court does not act, I think the president should declare some extent of Martial law, and he should hold off an stay the electoral college.

“Because we cannot have in this country, an election of our leader, where you have massive evidence of fraud and illegality. This country has to have a vote that has integrity. And the electoral college does not need to meet and vote until we have resolved these issues.”

Then, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told Thursday’s “Greg Kelly Reports” about “military capabilities”:

“He could immediately on his order seize every single one of these machines around the country on his order. He could also order, within the swing states, if he wanted to, he could take military capabilities and he could place them in those states and basically rerun an election in each of those states. It’s not unprecedented.

“I mean, these people are out there talking about martial law like it’s something that we’ve never done. Martial law has been instituted 64 times.”

The peaceful transition of power has been a political lightning rod since the 2016 presidential election, before Trump even assumed the White House. At the end of the 2020 campaign, Trump vowed support for a peaceful transition of power, but he wanted an “honest election,” he told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie at a townhall debate in Miami.

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