Trump Says Election Is ‘Rigged, Crooked’

The media is spinning call-outs of election fraud and mail-in ballot abuses against the president because it is “corrupt,” “crooked,” and seeking a “rigged” election of this candidate Joe Biden, President Donald Trump told Newsmax TV.

“It’s a crooked deal, and it’s a rigged deal,” Trump told Wednesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports” in an exclusive interview. “You see it every day. New ballots that are coming out where they’re thrown in garbage cans with the name Trump on it.

“You see it every day, and when you bring it up they say, ‘Oh, he’s against our Constitution, he’s against our freedom.’ No, they’re against our freedom.

“But it’s very rigged.”

The corruption runs even deeper in the media, Trump added to host Greg Kelly, because it ignores crowd sizes and boasts biased polls, despite low rally enthusiasm.

Trump boasted he “had 41,000 people in Florida on one-day notice,” and in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night he “had 20,000 people, one-day notice.”

“Biden goes out, he’s got 20 people – literally, 20 people,” Trump told Kelly. “They have nobody. Then they say, ‘Oh, he’s tied in the polls.’ Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.

“But I had the same thing 4 years ago, you’re witness to it, where I was down in all 9 states, swing states, and I won every one of them.

Trump declared his presidency has shown American how persuasive and “corrupt” the media narratives can be.

“If I’ve done nothing else, it’s that I’ve convinced everybody how corrupt the media is,” Trump concluded.

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