UN Hijacks #InternationalMensDay With Feminist “Wokeness”

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“Happy #InternationalMensDay to all the male allies around the world who support women, defy gender roles, fight gender-based violence & stand up for equality.”

And the rest of you toxically masculine dudes can, well, go pound sand.

That’s the message many are getting after the United Nations decided to celebrate International Men’s Day (IMD) with the above-quoted line. As the NOQ Report put it Friday, “Nothing says ‘woke’ like celebrating International Men’s Day by focusing on only men who are okay with not promoting men.”


“If that sounds confusing,” the site continued, “just look at what the United Nations Tweeted today [below], courtesy of their puppetmasters [sic] among the United Nations Women’s group.”

That’s precisely what Twitter respondents did, too. Standing up for equality, they noted the double standard of making IMD about women. For example:

Others pointed out that if you go by the numbers, “male privilege” ain’t what it’s cracked up to be:

Another, reading between the lines and concluding with a good question, wrote, “So happy Mens [sic] Day to all the men conforming to UN’s warped conception of it. S[***]w all you other ones who are masculine, rough and tough and any other non-weakened form we are discouraging. Also wondering if this message is being tweeted in Mandarin/Arabic/Urdu/…or just English?”

Ouch — and touché. The Chinese might just experience contempt-tinted amusement at another example of an effete West ripe for conquest. But something tells me that the lands of Arabic and Urdu (mainly Muslim) wouldn’t exactly cotton to the message.   

Neither did most of the Twitterati, though. Just consider the below in-your-face response.

In reality, the UN could have congratulated men on the following bases:

  • Countless millions worldwide protect and provide for their families.
  • They have been virtually all the inventors and innovators throughout history.
  • They’re the vast majority of those who rush toward danger — forest fires, floods, earthquake-ravaged areas, etc. — to save and protect others.

Journalist Suzanne Venker adds to the list. Addressing feminists’ calls for a “day without women,” she points out that if men held a work strike, we’d largely be without cops, would be militarily defenseless, and would have virtually no border police. We’d also have no “electricians to keep the power going,” she writes. “No fireman, ambulance drivers or truckers to carry our food.”

Additionally, there’d be no one driving fuel trucks, working the natural gas and oil fields, collecting our trash, and running our commuter rails and airports.

“When women go on strike, life goes on and no one gets hurt,” Venker concluded. “If men went on strike, all our lives would be upended. And people would die.”

Of course, we wouldn’t ever hear anything remotely like this from the UN; to it, IMD is just another convenient vehicle through which to push left-wing pseudo-principles.

They can be thus labeled because they’re bandied about more than believed. Consider “equality.” “There is more than plenty of talk about the dearth of women in science, in engineering, in upper management positions, and as CEOs,” noted American Thinker’s Katie El-Diwany in 2018, citing a common “Equality!” rallying cry. “But there is no one asking: where are all the female garbage-collectors, the female elevator technicians, the female landscape laborers, the female oil rig workers?”

Well, maybe there is someone asking, just not at the UN.

(For more on how Equality Dogma is a lie, click here, here, and here.)

But there’s a good reason why women don’t “defy gender roles.”

They don’t want to.

This reality was masterfully illustrated in the Norwegian documentary “The Gender Equality Paradox” (summary below).

(Engaging in censorship, YouTube labels the documentary “age restricted” because, apparently, it’s damaging for youth to hear Truth.)

One fact the work brings to light is that, contrary to feminist dogma, women are more likely to enter typically “male” fields (e.g., STEM) in relatively patriarchal countries such as India than in highly “egalitarian” nations such as Norway. Explanation?

Women in poorer lands must, like it or not, go where the money is; that means STEM fields. In wealthy places such as Scandinavia, women are materially comfortable enough to follow their hearts — and this leads them to feminine endeavors.

In fairness to IMD, its organizers’ hearts seem far purer than the UN’s, as their website and video below attest.

That said, I realize that every dog has his day, but I’ve long tired of their being a “day” for everyone and everything. Heck, September alone seems to have a couple of hundred (I stopped counting at 47. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…but really. Check it out).

We’d be better off if we just remembered that every day should be God’s day. Then we’d be less likely to worship false big government prophets.

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