USPS Reaches Deal with Civil Rights Groups on Georgia Ballots

The U.S. Postal Service has reached a deal with civil rights groups over how to handle ballots in Georgia ahead of the state’s upcoming runoff elections for its two Senate seats, The Washington Post reports.

The USPS will consider Georgia ballots that remain in processing plants within three days of the elections as express mail and provide next-day delivery. It also said that ballots coming from a New York-based printing vendor will also get express delivery, and that completed ballots will get sent straight to vote counters, avoiding processing plants completely.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Vote Forward led the negotiations, and the groups note in the agreement that they are prepared to go before a judge to request these changes if necessary, though they did agree to try to settle any issues out of court first.

Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer said in a statement to the Post that ”none of the Election Mail lawsuits are justified by the facts or supported by the applicable law.”

He added, ”We will continue to defend our integrity and credibility and counter the false narrative that is being advanced in these lawsuits.”

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