Video catches Florida driver breaking through barrier to jump SUV over rising drawbridge

A viral video shows a Florida driver breaking through a traffic barrier to jump their SUV over a rising drawbridge.

The incident on Monday in Daytona Beach was caught on a security camera as the person in the gray SUV ran through the first traffic arm, jumped the bridge and then hit the second traffic arm on the other side.

“It’s absolutely against the law, that’s why the rails are there,” said Florida Safety Council spokesperson Bonnie Frank, according to a local news outlet.

Messod Bendayan, a spokesman for the Daytona Police Department, said that they have no made any arrest, but have identified the suspect, The New York Times reported

This is not the first time someone has hopped the bridge in Daytona.

A motorcyclist jumped the bridge during Daytona Beach’s Bike Week in March.

This is the Main Street draw bridge. The Bike Week “shenanigans” have officially commenced! Folks, please be safe and be smarter than this guy!” Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said at the time.

It is unclear why the driver of the SUV decided to pull the stunt. 

The Hill has reached out to the Daytona Police Department for comment.

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