WaPo Columnist Has an Epic Meltdown Over Republicans Standing By Claims of Voter Fraud

One of The Washington Post’s syndicated columnists, Michael Gerson, went on a Twitter rant on Sunday about how “angry” he is that Republicans won’t stand up to President Donald Trump. Specifically, he says Republicans are failing to defend the electoral system.

There have been allegations from people in multiple states – USPS whistleblowers, poll workers, voters and elected officials – about voter fraud. We have heard about dead people allegedly voting. We have heard about USPS higher-ups allegedly telling mail carriers to backdate postmarks so ballots are counted (even if they arrived after the ballot cutoff time). We’ve heard of complaints about poll watchers being booted from buildings.

If there was only one or two issues in a small city, that would be one thing. The fact that there are various types of allegations in different parts of the country – predominantly in swing states – is why so many of us are insisting that elected officials get to the bottom of these concerns. Every single politician at every level of government should want to know about these allegations, if there’s any merit to them and, if so, how to fix them. That should be their top priority, especially when 70 percent of Republicans – roughly 35 percent of the population – does not trust the election system.

For many of us, this isn’t about a Trump victory. This is about having honest, fair elections. Every single American deserves to know their vote is being counted and the system is secure.

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