WaPo’s Fact Checker In Chief Has No Idea When Biden Took Office by Beth Baumann

“Fact checking” is all the rage today. Everywhere you turn, there is someone there to “fact check” everything that was said and when it was said. But, as it turns out, not even the head fact checker at The Washington Post knows when President Joe Biden took office.

Glenn Kessler tweeted during President Donald Trump’s CPAC speech, complaining about kids not being back in school. His question was, “Who was president a month ago?” 

It didn’t take long for Twitter to remind the fact checker in chief that it was Biden – not Trump – that was in office a month ago. 

And, in case Kessler wants to edit his bio to take out his position, we have proof:

Kessler’s statement, however, points to a bigger issue: a few people are dubbed “fact checkers,” the ones who are said to know anything and everything. But the truth is if they miss something as basic as this, what else are they missing (or purposefully lying about)?

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